Light it up!

I love the feel that fairy lights add to a space I always feel as though it makes things a little bit more romantic and adds a little bit of magic to a space.

Fairy lights are such a simple and easy way that you can add an extra layer to your decorations. An added bonus is that they are re usable so you can even try out a few of these suggestions for different events.

Lights in Jars- adding fairy lights to jars is a super simple way to add to your decorations, I like using a range of vases and glass jars of different sizes. By putting the lights into jars they reflect on the glass and can also become a light source. One benefit of placing the lights into jars is that you can move them around to add extra light where you need during the event.

Lights around a tent- placing fairy lights around a tent frames the sitting area really nicely and makes for some great photo opportunities. I also used lights around the boot of our car when we created a 'drive in movie' set up.

Lights around a platter- a simple string of lights around a platter or even through a large grazing table can really make your snacks pop.

The thing I love about using fairy lights as decorations is that they are easy to manipulate and use in almost any way you wish.

A few others suggestions of how you can use fairy lights

- lights in trees

- along pathways

- wrapped around elements that may cause a falls risk in the dark

- as the string for a photo wall

Have we inspired you to give fairy lights a go?! make sure to tag us in your creations @sunsetscreensau

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