Stranded at the drive in...

Drive in cinemas are not that common these days however with our big screen and a few decorations you can very easily create your own 'drive in' at home.

It really is as simple as seats, snacks, and screen.


We put the back seats down in our car, and added a bunch of pillows from the beds inside. We grabbed a doona to sit on and another blanket for us.

A few strings of fairy lights over the boot opening and our set up was pretty much done.


We made up our favourite cocktail a 'Moscow Mule' and put a few chocolates and strawberries on a platter and we were good to go.


Of course we also set up the big screen however if you hire our big screen the set up for you will be minimal.

It is important to remember that the only thing I purchased for this movie night set up was some chocolate because we were already out!

I feel a little silly even writing this out as a how to blog because it really is that simple.

If you have a go at making your own drive in movie I would love for you to tag us @sunsetscreensau

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